God of Peace,
You who yearn for justice,
You who became known to us through the Prince of Peace,
You who work in us and others to become peace-makers.

We pray to you, O God, that together we might co-create peace, deep peace,
in our world,
in our relationships,
and in ourselves.

Where there is war and conflict, bring armistice,
where there is violence and interpersonal conflict, bring reconciliation,
where there is self-doubt, a lack of self love, and self-confidence,
bring the assurance that we are perfectly and wonderfully made in your image, in all our diversity.

We seek forgiveness for the times and ways we've sowed seeds of conflict and exclusion; for the times we've seen ourselves as better than others because of our nation, our culture, our religion, race, creed, or colour. Lead us to live in respect for the diversity in which you have created us.

Guide us, O God, to see our differences not as a source of conflict, but as an opportunity to celebrate the full cornucopia that is creation. Lead us into interfaith harmony that respects each other's traditions, into becoming an inter-cultural and inter-generational church and lead us and our congregations into the work of peace, justice, and human rights.

In Your many names we pray.



Prayer submitted by
Senior Pastor, MCC Toronto