Council of Elders Weekly Call to Prayer


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Holy One, as we continue to learn and adapt in an ever-changing world, lead us through times of trouble into lands of plenty. Align the rich with the poor, the healthy with the sick, the forgotten with the privileged. Guard us from the temptation to think of our past as our future; reveal your paths toward a brighter and more just world.
Embolden, enliven, and envelope all your people so we may look out for the lonely and care for the hungry. For the hunger of the world is deep and we must tend to the physical hunger of our siblings, care for the spiritual hunger of our souls, mend the broken hearts of our communities.
Guide us toward the greater good where we may all swim in your eternal presence. For it is you who has called us, you who has placed us, you who provides for us.
May we know of the Spirit that draws us together; may we know of the Spirit that binds us in love. Amen.



Sr. Pastor
St. Jude's MCC, Wilmington, NC USA
(he, him, his)








 Landmark Ruling by Supreme Court Establishes Workplace Equality


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Supreme Court Ruling (link)









 Black lives matter