Weekly Call to Prayer


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Call to Prayer-The MCC Elders








We lift up our eyes to You, God of many names,


So You can send the Holy Spirit to us, and inspire us for a new Pentecost


For the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches;


May it infuse the gifts of dedication, commitment, loyalty and sustained love,


Through the call to continue expanding the Radically Inclusive Message from the Gospel.




May we acknowledge that diversity and difference will always be enriching,


Even with our varied views and understandings we can reach unity;


And what is truly important is to continue responding,


After these first 50 years, to the vision and mission You have set for us all.




May General Conference be a time for prayer--in many languages, uniting and strengthening our faith.




In Your many names, and from different spots on Earth, we pray,





Prayer submitted by
Council of Elders
Metropolitan Community Churches