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 Weekly Call to Prayer


 Orlando site of conference


-The MCC Elders





God of Diversity, Universal One,


All our cultures and nations are created in Your image


We cry out to you in languages spoken, signed, and written,


We cry out to you in the painted image and the sound of music,


And you receive it all in love.




Grant that we may see You in everyone around us


In the languages and cultures we inhabit, and in the ones we don't understand,


In the people we agree with, and those we disagree with or fear,


In the heart of every spirit on our glorious world.




Grant that we may learn to share You with one another


In word and deed, thought and action,


So that together we can bring about the New Realm you promised,


Where the lion lies down with the lamb


The stranger is welcomed with open arms


And the children live without fear.