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You may have seen the news: Puerto Rico still needs our help. Living conditions are dire and people struggle for basic needs including fresh, untainted water.
Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) will channel our financial assistance to Puerto Rico through three organizations: Proyecto Matria, Coai, Inc. and Taller Salud. These organizations have policies and missions that are consistent with MCC principles and serve communities that are highly vulnerable and marginalized: battered women, people living with HIV/AIDS, transgender communities and poor Afro-Puerto Rican communities.
Monies will be used to directly support hurricane victims who receive the services of these organizations. In early 2018, MCC will send a pastoral team to visit Puerto Rico to support our congregations and leaders. We will also follow up with the designated organizations listed above to ensure donations are being distributed.
We invite you to read the following information of each organization and to support them. You also have the option to continue to send your donations to MCC's Disaster Relief Fund which will be distributed to MCC congregations and clergy. The "Donate Now" button below will launch MCC's donation site, or click this link to go to the web page: Select "Disaster Relief" to make your donation. 
Coaí, Inc.
Coaí is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and preventing diseases from a social justice and human rights perspective, with an emphasis on lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, questioning, queer and intersexual people (LGBTIQ) in Puerto Rico. Founded in 1990, Coaí, Inc. has been recognized internationally for its model of prevention and education in health for LGBTIQ communities.
Monies raised for Coaí, Inc. will directly help LGBTIQ communities in Puerto Rico. You can support them at:

Proyecto Matria
In 2004 a group of women founded Proyecto Matria to work with survivors of domestic violence and give them a chance to rebuild their lives in peace. The 2004 motto was prophetic: "From dependence to independence, a path of transformation." Since that year Proyecto Matria has grown to adapt services to the women and to Puerto Rico. Today, Matria has been part of the process of transformation and self-sufficiency of hundreds of women including Matria itself, and it has become a beacon of human rights for women on the island. Now, they not only serve survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, Proyecto Matria also serve heads of households living below the poverty line, people from the lesbian-gay-bisexual-trans (LGBT) communities and they continue to expand services to other women and people who need support from an emancipatory vision.
Monies raised for Proyecto Matria will be helping directly poor women and LGBTIQ communities.  
You can support them at:
Proyecto Matria Inc.
Cuenta de chueques 3
20-001172 Banco Popular FEDWIRE: 021502011 SWIFT: BPPRPRSX
Taller Salud, Inc.
Taller Salud, Inc. is a community-based, feminist grassroots organization that works for the integral well-being of girls, young women and adult women, targeted primarily at low-income communities.
Taller Salud was created in 1979 as an initiative of two feminists, Carmen Guzmán and Eugenia Acuña, who came to the island after working in New York against the mass sterilization of poor and Latin American women, mostly Puerto Ricans. Sponsored by the Boston Women's Health Collective, these women succeeded in creating the first feminist organization in Puerto Rico to work for women's health. The Collective's first objective, as it was originally termed, was to organize to help guarantee the right to abortion and access to contraceptives as an alternative to mass sterilization of low-income women.
Their main areas of work include topics such as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV / AIDS, teenage pregnancies, violence, sexual assault and child abuse prevention. All their educational interventions integrate the experiences of the participants through participative methodologies that reinforce the impact of the awareness work, integrating the participant's personal experience as a source of knowledge and learning.
Taller Salud serves one of the poorest communities in the island at Loiza which is a mostly a community of Black Puerto Ricans.
Monies raised for Taller Salud will be directly help women in Loiza. You can support them at:

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