Believe There is Good In The World Be The Good In The World










 Weekly Call to Prayer


 First meeting location of mcc troy perry house


-The MCC Elders







Mother, Father, Everything God

We come to you full of hope, doubts, fears, and challenges


What can we say but thank You for all of it


And for the many ways we are sustained by Your love

A love that knows no bounds

That heals as it moves in mysterious ways

A love that inspires us to seek You

When our spirits are lost and shattered


You are our Comforter, yes

And, yes, You challenge us to see You


In every moment

In every situation

In every child's face

In every elder's trembling hand

Show us Your mercy


In every boardroom let that lone voice

Speak with You in mind


In every confrontation of ideas

Your spirit, Your wisdom

That new thought or that better choice

We keep in our care because of You


Yes, You are there making a way

Helping us to be rich in humility, patience, compassion

To be Your eyes, ears, hands, and heart anew

Yet again and again


Pour out Your heart into ours

And yes fill us in our need

As You fulfill in us our purpose


Touch us and move us 

To make a difference we embrace

To become Your example

With every step and breath we take

With every utterance we make


Bless us with

Peace, harmony, understanding, and love

In all our endeavors with this Your world

For us to honor and with You claim

For and with and through each other





Len R.